September 2016


Gruppo Cordenons knows very well how it is important to lessen impact on environment, keeping high quality levels.

Maintaining an excellent technological quality content and keeping on investing into research and development to innovate, to produce original paper and to give an immediate feedback to client requirements, Gruppo Cordenons did realize this last innovative paper: #Leatherlike, presented at #LuxePack in Montecarlo.

LEATHERLIKE is a paper that resembles real leather. It is inspired by the fashion sector and dedicated to luxury printing and packaging. On the surface the leather-like designs are highly visible, giving both a distinctive style and a unique tactile experience.

LEATHERLIKE is an environmentally friendly product available in 3 shades (Black, Brown and White); 4 embossed finishes (Classic, Minimal Vintage and Ethnic) and 3 grammages (120, 230 and 360gm).


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