March 2016


Since long Gruppo Cordenons cooperates with Big Events, sponsoring #NAKEDBUTSAFE; a non-magazine that, thanks to the creativity, cleverness, curiosity and attention to detail, realizes a collection of nowadays images, histories and fashion pictures.

“We are fan of everything unique and new. We celebrate people that we encountered in our journeys; people who managed to make us “feel”. To make us be emotional, to make us cry, laugh or even wonder what is that they do”;that’s the way the extraordinary staff describes its work but we know that those fantastic books tell us, above all, the story of the transformation of a continent.

Gruppo Cordenons paper is the best choice to print this magazine on, #NaturalEvolutionWhite and #NaturalEvolutionRecy bestow us, alternatively, perfect images and real colors pleasing to the touch, too.

We are glad to be part of this project.

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