July 2016


At the 2016  Luxury Packaging Awards in London we decided to attend two categories:


The precious Shoe Box packaging participated to the first one. It was realized by BC Boncar srl with paperboard dressed with #ArtelibrisBlack120gsm, inner was lined with #AstroKingMossGreen120gsm, hot foil printed logo.

It was expressly made for a luxury shoes firm named Sutor Mantellassi making shoes according to their customer’s fitting and choice. They deliver them in this special case designed to maintain the qualities of the product over time. This case includes a shoe care set and an ID document indicating the “date of birth” of shoes and their features, which will serve as a guarantee. Cotton laces and leather closure.


For the second category (Technical Achievement) a BELT BOX packaging. A box realized with paperboard dressed with #ArtelibrisBlack120gsm and inner lined with #AstroKingMossGreen120gsm. Hot foil printed logo. Walls realized in black glossy plexiglas, laces in black leather.

The Belt Box was expressly made (by BC Boncar) for Cintufiricio Marco Parisi making belts for passion as “they consider it a form of art”. This special packaging was thought to fit customer’s choice and elegance request. The box contains up to three ones.

A luxury box containing useful and every day accessories arranged in a comfortable and safe way obtains customer great approval and trust.

It couldn’t but be shortlisted in the dedicated category.

On September 14th the winner will be annoounced.

This two packaging demonstrates how Cordenons papers can contribute to give, to “an envelope”, an extremely luxury and smart look and besides final judgment, we think we already won, having realized two really cooperative, professional and inclusive projects.


Pictures by Umberto Armiraglio.

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