Recycling is a creative activity

October 2020

Recycling is a creative activity

Our Natural Beauty

In line with the characteristics of this 100% recycled creative paper, the theme of the dedicate visual book "Our Natural Beauty" is the attitude to recycling and creativity  the Surma tribe from Ethiopia, immortalized by the camera of the doctor and photographer Enrico Madini which operates through the Barjoime association. From an early age, the inhabitants of this unspoiled corner of the planet captures the beauty of nature to restore it even more beautiful to the world. This is how they give life to the colourful decorations of their faces, obtained with natural dyes, and to the imaginative headdresses made up shrubs and flowers. In the same way Recyco represents the symbol of recycling, of paper that is rejuvenated as paper, following a cycle in harmony with nature.

Madini dedicated a month of time, care and listening to the Surma children, bringing back stories and portraits that capture their essence and reporting on a distant and fascinating reality, still linked to ancestral traditions and rites.

The Recyco visual book emphasizes the versatility of this paper in terms of printability and applications and includes technical and ecological characteristics. It includes five pages showcasing the versatility of the paper in terms of photographic images and illustration reproduction, highlighting its good printability. Each page is produced with a different grammage of RECYCO bound with a special technique.The brochure includes technical features of the paper, the complete range,  sizes and grammages.

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