KINGDOM, the new high-end creative paper

October 2020

KINGDOM, the new high-end creative paper

Featuring versatility and style, Kingdom the new range of high-end creative papers made in Cordenons is designed to be selected by brands in every sector as the official communication media, creating an ideal platform on which to express their own identity and values.

Offered in combination with a set of envelopes in different formats, the Kingdom range features three finishes: Laid, characterised by a fine classic laid inspired by traditional letterhead paper; Wove, pleasant to the touch effect, like a soft fabric, and XT-S with a more contemporary appeal, stands out for its particularly smooth surface. Each of these versions is available in the delicate shades Diamond White, Brilliant White, High White, Oyster and Cream (FSC® certified), all of which contain 15% cotton fibres in their formulation. In addition, the Recy White version, FSC® Recycled is produced with 100% recycled fibres in a variable percentage of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste (the latter up to 50%).

Available in grammages ranging from 100 gsm watermarked to 320 gsm, Kingdom lends itself to traditional uses such as handwriting, as well as corporate image – from brochures and catalogues, to premium publishing, conveying its exclusive style to a wide range of printed products. The alchemy between Kingdom and the most innovative printing and finishing techniques allows you to create unique artwork, which makes elegance its distinctive feature.

Kingdom comes with a dedicated visual book in A4 size: since the papers part of the new range are mainly intended for high-end communication projects, the concept of the brochure is inspired by the work of graphic design and creative agencies. The brochure highlights the different versions of KINGDOM printed with the most important printing and finishing techniques and it includes the complete range of papers and envelopes. Each page of the visual book is produced with a different paper and grammage of the range.

An engaging multimedia communication campaign is supporting the launch of Kingdom scheduled for the 29th October 2020.

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