Gruppo Cordenons 2015 Financial Results

May 2016

Gruppo Cordenons 2015 Financial Results

Gruppo Cordenons 2015 financial results show continued progress

Gruppo Cordenons has announced its financial results for 2015. Gruppo Cordenons is a leading Italian paper manufacturer with two manufacturing sites. It has a long and interesting history going back over 400 years. The company is recognised in the market as a reliable supplier of around 2,500 quality products in the graphic and technical papers sectors.

The company’s 2014 financial results were very impressive, showing growth in all areas. The 2015 financial results have continued this trend.

The key financial results (compared to the 2014 results) are:

  • Turnover:                             Increased by 5%
  • EBITDA:                                14.8 % on turnover, improved by 12.6% on previous year
  • Net cash flow:                  7.8% on turnover, improved by 23.5% in comparison to 2014
  • Operational cash:           Improved by 18% in comparison to 2014

Gruppo Cordenons invested €6.3 million in 2015. Half of this investment was targeted towards the company’s energy efficiency improvement programme. This programme has had a positive impact on quality levels, safety standards and Gruppo Cordenons’ environmental footprint.

The company’s financial results at the end of Q1 2016 continue to impress.

  • Turnover increased by 3% in comparison to Q1 2015
  • EBITDA improved by 9% in comparison to Q1 2015

The Gruppo Cordenons extensive range of products includes metallised and iridescent papers; textured papers with blended fibres; felt-marked papers; papers with a special touch and feel and cast coated papers.

Gruppo Cordenons is FSC(R) and ISO 140001 certified.

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