Gruppo Cordenons Green side

April 2016

Gruppo Cordenons Green side

Gruppo Cordenons sponsors many different projects, all of them are supposed to be ethic, eco-friendly, socially responsible, creative and able to make a special use of its special papers.

We annually support Trust the Forest ( and are/were involved in initiatives such as:
Vidas and Oxfam promotion activities (the first one is an association taking care of terminally ill people and the second one faces water emergency in the world); Doda Project (introducing attendees to Milan thanks to the paper); IED students in Florence and … much more.
We keep on updating related news in:

Gruppo Cordenons, besides its support to creative and ethic organizations, confirms the fairness of the adopted Environmental Ethics Code in order also to accomplish its social tasks. The Environmental Report is annually updated and certifies Cordenons respect towards environmental and the contest in which it operates.
Major paper components are natural and renewable, the paper itself is recyclable, bio-degradable and compostable, water and energy used at Cordenons and Scurelle mills are respectively managed through cycles closure (water treatment and recycle) and cogeneration plants.

Gruppo Cordenons is FSC®  certified.     

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