GruppoCordenons and IED collaboration

April 2014

Gruppo Cordenons Spa e IED di Firenze hanno avviato una collaborazione sul tema: carte, ecologia, ambiente che prevede il coinvolgimento degli studenti nell’interpretazione della carta Natural Evolution di Cordenons attraverso la progettazione grafica di un visual book dedicato.

Gli studenti lavoreranno su brief dell’azienda alla creazione di due elaborati grafici a tema per la realizzazione di due visual book di presentazione della carta Natural Evolution e Natural Evolution riciclata.

Gruppo Cordenons gave IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) the opportunity to realize a Visual Book on Natural Evolution and Natural Evolution Recy, two Special Cordenons Papers.

Students will be in charge with this realization and a prize will be awarded to the ones who realize the best projects.

These papers are realized with pure ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp from responsible sources.

Both the paper sides are off-line treated with a special matt coating that allows a high Ink Hold Out for brilliant images, with great details and contrast, soft marked surface, excellent stiffness, excellent opacity, great resistance to creasing and folding.

Natural Evolution Recy contains 30% of recycled fibres, it is FSC certificated and its colour is different from Ivory and White thanks to its nature and its gradation is between to two of them.

Gruppo Cordenons runs its activity responsibly in order to avoid any negative impact on environment proposing real solutions to customers who decided to support sustainable paper purchase and recycled paper constitutes integral part of this strategy.
To recycle paper is the means to give it a second life and its production has a lower environmental impact as it implies less natural resources and energy.

The Visual Book should underline different printing and packaging applications of these special papers, should underline their elegance and versatility conquering sight and touch senses of the readers.

Our best wishes to the students involved and keep on following updating on:

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