Gruppo Cordenons sponsorizes three important events

February 2014

Last September 29th, in London, the hand made shopping bag “rosé demi sec” created for the top wine in Franciacorta was declared the best in the Luxury Shopping Bag category at the Luxury Packaging Awards in London.
First the first time a wine pack has been horizontal created using pure lace for handles. Gruppo Cordenons Stardream Coral paper gave it the chance to be realized in a exclusive way.
A “born in Italy” cooperation between the well-known Comunicando Magazine Management, the Zen Arte agency and Gruppo Cordenons marketing director Katia Tedeschi.
Miche Bozza (La Montina Marketing Director) declared: “ We are fully satisfied with this prize, above all taking in due consideration the location the event took place: London, the International design capital”Gruppo Cordenons and its special Papers have been chosen as technical sponsor of three important worldwide known events in Italian and international advertisement and communication domain.

Last event (on February 6th) in Milan at il Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, will be characterized by invitation cards realized with PLIKE paper; a special paper giving particular touch sensation, white version inside and blue envelope: suiting perfectly colours chosen to sponsor the event.

First event is named: il Grand Prix della Pubblicità, it is the best known and it represents the Italian real player concerning culture and Institution communication.

Invitations for the XXVI edition, in Milan on May 29th at del Teatro Nazionale, have been printed on STARDREAM Quartz 285 combined with elegant envelopes STARDREAM Antique Gold 22×11. Even the book resuming event and awards will be printed on Cordenons Paper: MONNALISA Premium White 135 .

Second one, International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix, took place on November 18th 2013 by well known disco Alcatraz in Milan. Premium is recognised to the most innovative and effective techniques in international marketing domain: digital, promo, direct, PR, events.
By then PLIKE White 330 for the invitation was chosen and PLIKE Red 22×11 for the envelope.

See you soon.

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