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“We don’t need to resort to surprising actions to show our respect for the environment, our daily activities are our best commitment in that sense”.

Gruppo Cordenons mills rose long ago in areas in the middle of nature and since hundreds of years the exploitation of local natural resources is carefully balanced assuring the respect of our ecosystem.

Water used during mills production cycle comes from immediate watercourses, and it gets back into them after having been treated.
Same water contributes to the plant security, too. It is stored and used to feed the fire prevention circuit. 
Water consumption is not easily measurable and is subject to many fluctuations, in any case different solutions are in place in order to recover the water from the first processing as well as to minimise its use by appropriate action equipment planning and washing procedures.

The company commitment to the environment, from the European Community perspective, is highlighted by the recognition of the Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale (AIA D.Lgs 59/05) following the application of the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control). 
Above grants an environmental high level safeguard through prevention and wide pollution reduction. The Decree sets measures meant to reduce emissions in the air, water and ground. Such measures include regular monitoring of values from third party companies.

The treatment of waste water is a fundamental element in running activities; the treatment plant occupies a big area.
In 2003-2004, in both mills, a biological aerobic purification plant was implemented in addition to the existing chemical-physical one, granting a significant reduction of the COD and BOD5 waste values.

Energy consumption is also a primary issue; special attention is paid to it thanks to the use of clean energies.
At Scurelle there’s a hydroelectric turbine powered by neighbouring watercourse.
To optimise also the use of non renewable energies, methane we get use of also supplies a co-generation plant that grants the steam production needed for both processing and electric power production at the same time.

Wood-fibre raw materials supply is actively implemented ensuring, besides market fluctuations, an adequate supply of certified and/or controlled low risk areas material. Gruppo Cordenons makes use of non-wood fibres such as cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk, and recycled fibres, too.

Moreover, since long, a good recovery and re-use production waste system is in place: it ensures a really low quantity of waste fibres sent to the pulp.

Gruppo Cordenons Environmental Report is annualy updated.


Gruppo Cordenons is FSC certified and can supply a wide range of  FSC certified products”

Attention to any kind of re-use is global, also auxiliary materials utilised during paper production, such as wood pallets, are subject to a reduction of manufacturing waste policy: we make use of them more than once and repair them, if necessary, before throwing them definitively away.

As far as every kind of waste in concerned, Cordenons’ staff received precise instructions how to separate and to throw them away (to the right bin) .

Environment care is not limited to the production, it is also addressed to customers.
For instance, our paper is packed with materials which can be easily separated and disposed without any dissipation so that boht product integrity and low environmental impact are granted.

Goods delivery is arranged by different means (waterways, railways, land transport) and carriers are selected and organised in order to optimise itineraries and time, avoiding a negative impact both economic and environmental.



ISO 9001- ISO 14001- OHSAS 18001