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History and Production sites

The first documented evidence of the Cordenons paper mill dates back to 1630, when it belonged to the aristocratic family Avanzo; in the same period the Senate of the Doges in Venice mentions the importance of the "Cartera de Cordenon," as official paper supplier of the Venetian Republic. In recent time – since 1984 – under the leadership of Ferruccio Gilberti, the Cordenons paper mill was completely renovated and focused on the production of special and high quality papers.

Built in 1715, the Scurelle paper mill belonged to different Venetian families, and was bought in 1936 by Senator Beniamino Donzelli who, together with his son-in-law Ferruccio Gilberti boosted its fate and left the company, in 1973, entirely under the direction of the Gilberti family, who began specialising in the production of fine paper.

At the end of the 90s the Company was named Gruppo Cordenons, a global enterprise that includes two production sites located in the North East of Italy: in Cordenons (PN) and Scurelle (TN). In July  2018, Gruppo Cordenons has been acquired by Bain Capital Private Equity.




 Both paper mills are equipped with the most advanced finishing and packing systems.